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Struggle-to-Success Stories From Braves

We take pride in our clients' success and the positive impact we have made on their businesses. Here are a few of success stories from our satisfied clients who have leveraged our source-to-manage model and achieved above and beyond. 

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Energy tech.jpg

Energy Tech

Automated software license provisioning and warehousing with an offshore team

Our client, a prominent U.S.-based Fortune 500 company, is a global leader in the oil, gas, energy, and power sectors. With a wide array of integrated...

Pharma Tech.jpg

Pharma Tech

Bridging the Talent Gap with a Team in India

Our client, PhramaCentra is a leading provider of customizable marketing and communication programs for pharmaceutical and insurance providers...

Transit Tech.jpg

Transit Tech

Accelerating Growth with a globally distributed team

Our client, Clever Devices is a prominent U.S.-based market leader, specializes in designing and developing cutting-edge technology solutions...


Information Tech

How did d-Matrix set up an A-team for success after series A funding within eight months

D-Matrix is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in memory-compute integration for artificial intelligence applications. Their mission..


Information Tech

Managing  Talent Acquisition Efficiently During Growth Spurt

Our client, a core tech company based in Australia, specializes in digital transformation, offering custom software development...

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