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Bringing Together To Start And Working Together To Succeed!

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At Braves, we prioritize creating a vibrant and inclusive work environment. Our team members are passionate, talented professionals who thrive on innovation and teamwork. We foster a culture of continuous learning and personal growth, providing opportunities for career advancement.


If you crave challenging work, ongoing opportunities for career growth, and rewards that make it all worthwhile, Braves Technologies is the place for you. We specialize in world-leading technologies that can empower you to build and boost your career in the tech field. At Braves, we offer it all – a dynamic environment where your aspirations can thrive.


Braves Technologies is a people-centric and outcome-oriented organization with a flexible culture that ensures to boost your innovative and creative side. 




Diverse Technology Stack






Appraisals and RnR for Performer


Work Culture

Single Point of Contact

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Team Activities

Voice of Our Employees

When we say, ‘PEOPLE MATTER’, we mean it!


We make sure to take their frequent feedback to get better. It gives us immense pleasure to hear these words from themselves. Here are a few faces from Braves and Braves in their opinion.

With Braves since 11 years


I joined Braves right after my graduation, and one thing that has impressed me is 'that' I was heard and trusted from Day 1, and I am grateful for the incredible support Braves has given me for my growth and advancement. They have encouraged me to take on additional responsibilities and have bestowed faith in me to handle new tasks and projects on my own. Braves understood my career goals and helped me grow both personally and professionally. The exceptional knowledge transfer programs across different platforms have helped me in career advancement. 

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Arpita Ranalkar

Database Engineer

Life at Braves India

Life at Braves is all about coming together at work, and otherwise. Our team photos are like snapshots of our best memories, filled with laughter, support, and the joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves. Take a look and feel the warmth of our Braves community!

Are you ready to build your team in India?

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