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Energy Tech

Automated software license provisioning and warehousing with an offshore team

Client Overview 

Our client, a prominent U.S.-based Fortune 500 company, is a global leader in the oil, gas, energy, and power sectors. With a wide array of integrated products, solutions, and services, the company serves a diverse range of customers across the world.


The client had developed a specialized software product tailored to their customers’ needs. However, the manual license provisioning process for this software proved to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. In addition, their warehousing operations were managed through cumbersome MS Excel spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies in order management and material handover. To enhance operational efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction, the client aimed to automate both the software license provisioning system and the order management process for their warehousing operations.



Offshore Team with Braves: A key stakeholder within the client organization, who had prior experience with Braves, recognized the potential benefits of partnering with us once again. Thus, the decision was made to establish an offshore development team in India to tackle the automation challenges.

In response to the client’s urgency, we swiftly sourced candidates with the required skillsets for the project. The client had the autonomy to choose team members who aligned with their corporate culture. Within just a month, we had successfully formed a remote offshore team based in India. This team was designed to operate autonomously while seamlessly integrating with the client’s onshore team.

The Braves team played a crucial role in forming a compact and geographically distant team based in India, which seamlessly merged with the client’s onshore team. We leveraged our professional connections with top IT organizations in India to identify highly skilled individuals and arranged direct interviews with our clients. Upon their approval, we successfully onboarded two seasoned professionals: a FrontEnd Engineer and a .Net Developer.

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Team Setup


Implementation & Achievements

The offshore team, working closely with the client’s stakeholders, delved into understanding the intricate nuances of the business requirements. Their deep understanding of the client’s domain enabled them to design and develop a robust automated licensing tool that streamlined the software license provisioning process. Additionally, the offshore team created a tailored order management tool to optimize the client’s warehousing operations, reducing manual intervention and errors associated with MS Excel-based tracking.


The implementation of the automated licensing tool and the customized order management system yielded significant positive outcomes for the client:

Enhanced Customer Value: 

The automated software license provisioning tool drastically reduced processing times, enabling the client to swiftly deliver licenses to their customers. This improvement directly contributed to enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening the client’s brand reputation.

Operational Efficiency: 

The custom order management system streamlined the warehousing operations, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors. This resulted in faster internal processes and more efficient delivery cycles.

Strategic Advantage:

By automating critical processes, the client gained a competitive edge in the market. The newfound agility and efficiency allowed them to respond promptly to market demands and changes.


Client Satisfaction and Ownership

Thrilled with the successful outcomes achieved through the offshore team’s efforts, the client requested full ownership of the team within a couple of years. The integration had been so seamless and productive that the client saw the team as an invaluable asset to their ongoing operations.


The collaboration between our client, a Fortune 500 energy company, and the offshore team from Braves exemplifies the potential benefits of leveraging offshore expertise to tackle complex challenges. Through a diligent and swift team setup, deep domain understanding, and innovative solutions, the offshore team enabled the client to automate software license provisioning and revolutionize warehousing operations. The resulting efficiencies not only enhanced customer satisfaction and brand reputation but also positioned the client as a frontrunner in the competitive energy tech industry.

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