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Building your talented

development team

We are a US-based company with 17+ years of expertise in hiring tech talent across the US, EU and India. Having helped numerous startups and SMEs build excellent teams, we always strive to find you candidates that are problem solvers, absolutely reliable, adaptable to your company culture and have great communication skills.

Here's how we build your dream team in India
Understand goals@2x.png
Understand your goals and expectations

To build your A-team here, we start off by understanding your expectations. We completely align ourselves with your goals and look for talents accordingly.

Technical panel@2x.png
Assemble a technical panel

Once we deduce your objectives, we assemble a technical panel that works to understand the technology landscape and the different roles required to build a team that caters to your goals here.

Having done tech hiring for 15+ years, we know that the best engineering talent are sourced passively.

Start mapping the talents

After finalizing on the required job roles, we map talents based on filters like your company’s tech, product, domain, etc. We also chart them from different companies with similar roles- creating a solid, targeted list of candidates.

Find candidates@2x.png
Find candidates via passive sourcing

We proactively search and reach out to the potential candidates to hire top talent. To get them on board, we concretely map high performers in similar companies, universities and alumni and use social media (GitHub, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, AngelList, Behance, Meetup etc.) to find and approach them.

Technical assessment@2x.png
Technical assessments and interviews
Group 6049@2x.png
Check for cultural alignment

To hire only the top tech talent, we test them via various stringent technical assessments and interviews- getting a broader insight into their approach and problem-solving skills.

Interview with you

Ultimately, you get the say. We arrange for an interview between you and the shortlisted talents so that you get to decide who joins your brand new team in India.

To confirm if the candidate in consideration is a good fit for the team culturally, can take up ownership, is responsive and can contribute to the team actively, a separate interview is conducted.

Offer letter@2x.png
Offer letters and background check

Along with technical skills, ownership, and cultural alignment is assessed for building a long-lasting high performance team

Your chosen candidate is then sent an offer- explaining what the job entails and other necessary details, accepting which, a thorough background check will be conducted from our end.

On boarding@2x.png
Hurray! On-boarding and the work begins

Extensive onboarding is planned to ensure deep technical and cultural alignment

Once the candidate’s background check comes out clean, they’ll be all set to start working with you and your team in an office managed by us.

Your operations in India begin

Congratulations! You’ll have your team up and running in India in no time with zero hassles.

Ready to build your team in India?
Please fill in the form with with your queries and we will get back to you at lightning speed.
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