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Teams Managed By Braves Have 85% Retention Rate

We don’t just stop at building you an excellent team in India - we also make sure that your team here is efficiently managed and taken care of. Braves works on source-to-manage model for a hassle-free experience to leverage the best talent in India. Here are a few ways in which we put our proven people management skills to practice.

Helping you attract, retain, and develop top talent, boost productivity, and improve the bottom line
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Exceeding your expectations

Optimal Infrastructure - Braves provides top-tier infrastructure to ensure your team has the tools and technology needed for success.

Best in Market Compensation - We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages that are 20-25% above market rates, ensuring your team is well compensated.

Rewards & Recognition - Braves values excellence and offers various rewards and bonuses, including recognition, spot bonuses, and upskill rewards for outstanding work.

 Timely Appraisals - We handle all formalities and compliance processing, including timely appraisals, allowing our clients to focus on their core business operations.

Healthy work-life balance for success

Work-Life Balance - Recognizing the importance of work-life balance for employee productivity and happiness.

Vibrant Office Culture - Creating an engaging work environment with regular team-building activities and celebrations.

Operations and HR Support - Providing comprehensive support including onboarding, daily needs, and efficient payroll management.

Collaborative Business Travel - Offering opportunities for clients to meet their offshore teams in person, fostering personal connections and collaboration.

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Reach your full potential

Soft Skills Training - Braves offers soft skill training programs to enhance communication, teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills among tech team members.

Technical Training - We provide technical training sessions that keep your team up-to-date with the latest industry trends, tools, and technologies, ensuring their technical prowess is continually honed.

Lateral Movements - Braves encourages and facilitates lateral movements within teams, allowing members to explore different roles and gain a broader skill set.

Mentorship -We establish mentorship programs where experienced professionals guide and support less experienced team members, fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing.

Boost your operations with a brilliant and dedicated tech team in India


Our Team’s Unwavering Support

We assign your team a full suite of support to achieve optimal efficiency.



The quarterback of managed operations, ensuring that all aspects of a client's account are coordinated and delivered seamlessly.

Tech Lead.png

Tech Lead

The technical brains of managed operations, enabling  team developing and implementing solutions that meet your needs.


Human Resources

The administrative backbone of managed operations, onboarding, engaging & offboarding employees, handling payroll, and other essential tasks.

Are you ready to build your team in India?

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