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How did d-Matrix set up an A-team for success after Series A funding within eight months

Client Overview 

D-Matrix is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in memory-compute integration for artificial intelligence applications. Their mission is to advance AI computing efficiency, addressing a critical frontier in the field.


D-Matrix faced several challenges in achieving its ambitious 2022 goals:

  • High Expectations and Pressure: Series A funding raised expectations from investors, increasing pressure to find top-tier talent quickly.

  • Budget and Timeline Constraints: Tight budgets and timelines created fierce competition for skilled candidates.

  • Limited Resources: D-Matrix lacked internal recruitment capabilities, making it difficult to attract passive candidates and specialized profiles.

  • Employer Branding: Building a compelling employer brand and accessing diverse talent pools proved to be obstacles.



Under the leadership of Mike Nord, D-Matrix's Head of Talent, the company adopted a multi-faceted approach:

  • Hiring a Retained Talent Specialist: D-Matrix brought in a retained talent specialist to lead the recruitment efforts.

  • Outsourcing to Recruitment Agencies: Recognizing the need for external expertise, they partnered with Rent A Sourcer (RAS), a talent sourcing company.

Rent A Sourcer implemented a four-step approach, Source-Outreach-Qualify-Schedule (S-O-Q-S), to efficiently source top-tier talent:

  • Market Research: RAS conducted thorough research to identify ideal candidate personas.

  • Talent Mapping: Elite candidates were sourced from organizations like Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and startups with similar profiles.

  • Strategic Outreach: RAS reached out to potential candidates with personalized communication, achieving a 26-31% response rate.

  • Branding: RAS positioned D-Matrix as an attractive employer, enhancing the company's image in the job market.

  • Resume Screening: Resumes from various channels, including ATS, job portals, social media, and passive candidate pools, were screened to match ideal personas.

  • Qualified Submissions: RAS submitted qualified candidates, matching at least 80-90% with ideal personas, for consideration by D-Matrix's in-house recruitment team.

  • Scheduling Support: RAS facilitated initial meetings between candidates and D-Matrix's recruitment team throughout the talent sourcing process.

RAS Approach


In the last seven months, RAS achieved outstanding results. Here is a numerical representation excluding the value-addition to the process.



Total sourced candidates:


Total Response numbers: 


Total no. of candidates hired: 




Design Verification Engineer


AI/ML Workloads Engineer


Kernels- Senior/Staff/Principal Software Engineer


Sr. Principal/Sr. Staff Physical Design Engineer


AI/ML Systems - Senior/Staff/Principal Software Engineer


Sr. Principal Technical Director – AI SOC Architect


Client Satisfaction and Ownership

I can share that Quentin and his team have had a significant impact on sourcing the most difficult and challenging engineers to recruit for ML/AI Hardware and Software. The amount of outreach Quentin delivered was instrumental in the early foundation hiring for He was on point and as an extra side benefit, impacted branding outreach that has led thousands of people to view the story.

Mike Nord
Head of Talent, d-Matrix


D-Matrix's partnership with Rent A Sourcer proved instrumental in achieving their ambitious 2022 goals. By leveraging RAS's expertise in sourcing and branding, D-Matrix successfully overcame the challenges posed by high expectations, budget constraints, and limited resources. With a diverse and high-quality talent pool in place, D-Matrix is poised for continued growth and innovation in the AI field.

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