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Pharma Tech

Bridging the Talent Gap with a Team in India

Client Overview 

Our client, PhramaCentra is a leading provider of customizable marketing and communication programs for pharmaceutical and insurance providers in the U.S., specializes in facilitating effective communications with patients and healthcare providers. They serve as a strategic partner, addressing the evolving needs and changing market conditions of their customers. To ensure regulatory compliance, they decided to adopt the Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Sisense, to provide highly flexible and customizable reports to their customers. However, they faced challenges in hiring and onboarding the right talent with Sisense expertise in the U.S.


The client’s customers demanded increasingly flexible reports and greater customization capabilities, along with the ability to manipulate data for compliance purposes. To meet these demands, our client decided to implement Sisense but struggled to find suitable resources in the U.S. due to location constraints and high salary expectations. The inability to quickly establish a capable team threatened their reputation and market competitiveness.



To address the challenges faced by our client, Braves Consultancy proposed hiring engineers in India who specialized in Sisense. This decision aimed to leverage the expertise of Indian talent while mitigating the challenges posed by geographical constraints and cost considerations. The client promptly agreed to this solution and initiated the process of building a remote team in India.

Braves Consultancy played a pivotal role in assembling a small, remote team in India that seamlessly integrated with the client’s onshore team. We sourced highly skilled individuals from top BI and data science firms in India and facilitated direct interviews with our client. 

Following their approval, we onboarded two experienced Sisense specialists.


Team Setup


Implementation & Achievements

With the newly formed remote team in India, our client swiftly commenced operations. The Indian team adeptly aligned with the client’s business requirements and harnessed the full potential of the Sisense platform for their reporting solution. Remarkably, they began delivering desired results in an impressively short time frame, enabling our client to kickstart custom reporting for customers without undue delays. 

This achievement surpassed the client’s expectations in terms of go-to-market speed.


The transformation in our client’s reporting capabilities yielded significant outcomes. They were able to deepen their relationships with existing customers by providing highly customizable and flexible reports that met their specific needs. Moreover, the improved reporting solution enhanced our client’s market reputation, positioning them to attract new customers and maximize profits.


By strategically choosing to hire engineers in India with Sisense expertise, our client successfully overcame the challenges posed by their BI platform adoption. Braves Consultancy’s support in building and integrating the remote team played a vital role in achieving a faster go-to-market, ensuring customer retention, and strengthening our client’s competitive advantage. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed talent sourcing strategy in addressing complex business challenges and driving positive outcomes.

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