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Managing Talent Acquisition Efficiently During Growth Spurt

Client Overview 

Our client, a core tech company based in Australia, specializes in digital transformation, offering custom software development, technology consultation, organization-wide tech transformation, and ongoing technology maintenance. With a dynamic team, they aimed to scale their business from 50 to 100 employees within a year. However, they faced several challenges in achieving this ambitious growth.


  • Talent Shortage: Australia's tech industry suffered from a severe shortage of skilled professionals, making it challenging to hire quality candidates.

  • High Expectations: Due to fierce competition, experienced engineering talent in the region had high salary expectations.

  • Lack of Hiring Process: The client lacked a structured hiring process, resulting in prolonged recruitment cycles.

  • Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted international migration, preventing the client from acquiring talent from abroad.



To overcome these challenges, the client decided to outsource their recruitment to Braves Technologies and Rent-A-Sourcer (RAS), focusing on the following goals:

Talent Mapping:

Targeting elite tech talent from renowned companies such as Thoughtworks, Equal Experts, Sahaj Software, Tavisca, and GS Lab.



Establishing the client's presence in India by promoting their work, employee-centric culture, and competitive salary offerings.


Sustainable Hiring Models:

  •   Offshore to Onsite Mode: Hiring candidates for the offshore team and eventually migrating them onsite.

  •   Offshore Model: Setting up an offshore team in India to meet growing business needs.

  • Sourcing Onsite: Identifying Australian candidates for the client through RAS to build a sustainable pipeline.


Screening & Interview Process: Implementing a rigorous four-step process:

  • Pre-screening: Initial telephonic interviews to assess experience and expectations.

  • Coding Test: Evaluating technical potential and practical knowledge.

  • Technical Interview: Ensuring technical competence and facilitating direct communication with the client.

  • Leadership Interview: Assessing mutual fit for leadership roles.


After following rigorous and effective Sourcing techniques, RAS built a sustainable talent pipeline for Fabric Group. 

10 candidates offered by RAS for multiple positions

6 candidates out of 10 were hired

Agency cost for 6 hires would have been $144,000; RAS cost for 6 hires was $28,000

The client saved $1,16,000/80.56% cost within the span of just 8 months


Client Satisfaction and Ownership

We have worked with Braves Technologies for the past 12 months, and Quentin is lead consultant for their Talent Sourcing Services at Rent-A-Sourcer.

This has been a very successful service, delivering Fabric Group an ample supply of pre-validated candidates, many of whom have been converted to permanent or contract roles with us. 

Quentin has always been very responsive, adaptable to priority changes, and has a good rapport with the candidates and our in-house recruitment department.

- Simon Greed, COO of Fabric Group


Despite the challenges posed by talent shortages and the pandemic, the strategic partnership with Braves Technologies and RAS enabled our client to achieve significant milestones in their hiring goals and expand their presence in India. This recruitment process has become a promising function, setting the stage for the client to achieve their desired business growth and scale as expected.

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