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Transit Tech

Accelerating Growth with a globally distributed team

Client Overview 

Our client, Clever Devices is a prominent U.S.-based market leader, specializes in designing and developing cutting-edge technology solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of mobility. Their comprehensive portfolio of transit agency solutions significantly improves productivity in the transportation industry. As they began acquiring new customers and larger projects, our client recognized the need to expand their geographic presence. This case study delves into their journey of leveraging an offshore team in India to meet the demands of a global customer base while maintaining operational efficiency.


The primary challenge our client faced was the necessity to cater to a global clientele distributed across multiple time zones. To meet this demand effectively, they needed to establish round-the-clock operations and deployments, even during off-peak and nighttime hours. Initially, their employees attempted to accommodate these demands by working extended and irregular hours, resulting in burnout and decreased productivity among their existing workforce.

Expanding their onshore workforce in the U.S. was impractical due to the need to manage time zone differences effectively. Outsourcing, while an option, was dismissed due to the mission-critical nature of their processes. To maintain control over offshore operations and ensure high retention among offshore staff, our client recognized the necessity of creating an offshore team that seamlessly integrated with their onshore team.

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To address these challenges, our client approached Braves, a seasoned provider with over two decades of experience in building efficient offshore teams. Braves embarked on the task of sourcing top-tier engineers from leading product and tech consulting companies in India. Following rigorous screening processes, these candidates were presented to our client for direct interviews, granting them full control over the selection process.

The initial remote team consisted of two data analysts and two deployment engineers. This team quickly began delivering results, instilling confidence in our client’s offshore strategy. Consequently, they expanded their offshore presence in India, recruiting talent across various application areas, including data analytics, system engineering, quality assurance, deployment, and release engineering.


Team Setup

Over the span of eight years, the remote team in India grew to include 25 engineers, boasting an impressive retention rate exceeding 85 percent. This team seamlessly integrated with the onshore workforce, ensuring round-the-clock operations and deployments during off-peak and nighttime hours. The synergy between the onshore and offshore teams accelerated project deliveries, paving the way for phenomenal organizational growth.


Implementation & Achievements

The implementation of the offshore team in India allowed our client to harness the benefits of time zone differences, enabling 24/7 operations and swift project deliveries. The collaborative efforts of the onshore and offshore teams resulted in remarkable achievements, including:

- Enhanced customer satisfaction through prompt project deliveries.
- Improved workforce productivity and reduced burnout among employees.
- A substantial increase in the scale and scope of projects undertaken.
- Phenomenal organizational growth and a broader geographic presence.


The introduction of an efficient offshore team not only met the client’s immediate needs but also laid the foundation for sustainable growth and expansion. The successful collaboration between onshore and offshore teams ensured that our client could serve its global customer base seamlessly while maintaining control over operations.


In conclusion, this case study illustrates how our client, a U.S.-based market leader, overcame the challenges posed by a global customer base’s diverse time zones by establishing a dedicated offshore team in India. The strategic partnership with Braves and the meticulous selection of top-tier engineers led to remarkable achievements and substantial organizational growth. This transformative approach not only improved operational efficiency but also positioned our client for sustained success in the ever-evolving mobility technology landscape.

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