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Knowing the Difference Between Offshore Team and Remote Team!

difference between offshore & remote team

The recession is looming in the IT sector owing to increasing inflation rates globally in 2023. With mass layoffs, organizations are trying to cut their costs.

But laying off does not mean that the work has reduced to similar proportions. Outsourcing or Offshoring could help organizations to stay afloat amid the crisis. But, again work quality might not be as expected and hampered in the long run.

How about having your own team in a region that can offer similar benefits to offshoring yet you get complete control over its operations?

This brings us to the point!

The most obvious question asked of us by our clients!

So, do you help in building an offshore team? You will be responsible for the deliverables and management of the team?

- Though, the answer is yes, of course! But we do not exactly help in offshoring. Our main aim is to build a cohesive remote team that just operates from a different location.

And here comes another other question:

Oh, is it different from offshoring?

- YES!

Let us start with the simplest statement to understand the difference –

"Offshore team means you would be dealing with TWO teams, while Remote team means only ONE team!"

The statement is self-explanatory how simplified it becomes to manage one team rather than two.

Here is a straightforward difference quoted between the two models –


About Braves

Braves helps global technology companies incubate their dedicated offshore development teams in India. The team in India is an extension of the onshore team and works collaboratively to achieve their goals.

With 17+ years of experience in technology recruitment in the US and India, we know how to build a team of high performers. Our fully managed operations model along with people driven policies has helped clients scale their teams with a high employee retention rate of 85%.

Get in touch with us to find out more.


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