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Transit Tech - Accelerating Growth with a globally distributed team

Our client scaled up their workforce by building an offshore team in India. They utilized time zone difference to their advantage for enabling round-the-clock operations and deployments during off-peak hours. This story deciphers how they transformed small beginnings into a huge success through their dedicated offshore team.

Our client is a U.S.-based market leader that designs & develops technology to improve the quality of mobility. They provide a portfolio of solutions for transit agencies that enhance their productivity. When our client approached us, their aim was to expand the geographic presence. They had started acquiring new customers and bigger projects; and to them, it seemed like their hard work was finally paying off.

However, meeting the demands of a global customer base was their next big challenge. It involved making accommodations for time zone differences, enabling round-the-clock operations and deployments during off-peak & night hours to speed up project deliveries. Their employees had to extend their working hours and even work odd hours to cope with these demands. This was, in turn, increasing burnout and decreasing the productivity of their existing workforce, which made our client look for alternatives to make things smooth.

Expanding the existing workforce in the U.S. was certainly not a convenient option, considering the need to accommodate time zone differences. Also, their processes were mission-critical due to which the option to outsource had to be struck off too. Our client was quick to realize that to achieve the desired results, they needed an offshore team that would function as a seamless extension of their onshore team. Achieving high retention among the offshore workforce was a top requirement of our client to ensure that projects are not hampered.

In the quest to serve a global customer without losing control over offshore operations, the client decided to approach us. At Braves, we analyzed our client’s exact requirements and took up the challenge of building an efficient offshore team that matches their exact requirements.

With expertise of over two decades in building offshore teams, we sourced engineers from top product & tech consulting companies in India. After extensive screening, these candidates were referred to our client for direct interviews. Thus, our client had complete control over the selection of clients. Our client had started small with a remote team of two data analysts and two deployment engineers.

The team started delivering quickly and achieved the expected results. This gave our client the confidence to expand their offshore presence in India. The client hired candidates for various other application areas, including data analytics, system engineering, quality assurance, deployment, and release engineering. The result, round-the-clock operations and deployments during off-peak & night hours with a team in India accelerated project deliveries and resulted in phenomenal organizational growth.

Over eight years, the remote team now has 25 engineers with a retention rate that is well over 85 percent. So, that’s how our client successfully converted small beginnings into a huge success!

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