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Pharma Tech - Bridging the Talent Gap with a Team in India

Our client adopted a new Business Intelligence (BI) platform - Sisense, to enable flexibility and a higher degree of customization for their reporting solution. However, hiring & onboarding the right candidates to work on this newly adopted platform was challenging. At Braves, we suggested hiring engineers in India that specialize in Sisense. This empowered them to achieve a faster go-to-market, in turn boosting their customer retention.

Our client is a leading provider of customizable marketing & communications programs for pharmaceutical and insurance providers in the U.S. They enable effective communications with patients and healthcare providers and serve as a strategic partner catering to customers’ evolving needs and changing market conditions.

The reports help companies to understand their status of compliance with various regulatory bodies. Considering the critical nature of compliance, their customers started demanding highly flexible reports and greater customization degrees along with capabilities to slice & dice the information. Thus, our client had to consider deploying a Business Intelligence (BI) platform - Sisense. However, they struggled to find the right resources in the U.S. who were capable of working on this platform. We sourced suitable candidates for them in the U.S.; however, it didn’t work for them, mainly due to location constraints and the high salaries they demanded.

Our client was aware that the inability to achieve a faster go-to-market for their custom reporting solution would put their reputation at stake. Furthermore, it might have opened doors for their competitors. Thus, our client promptly decided to hire engineers in India specializing in Sisense and leveraging their expertise to achieve the desired outcome.

At Braves, we built a small remote team in India that would function as a seamless extension of our client’s onshore team. We sourced experts from top BI and data science firms in India and referred them to our client for direct interviews. We onboarded two highly experienced candidates after receiving our client’s approval.

With this small remote team, our client began operations in India. The team was quick to adapt to their business requirements. They leveraged the newly adopted platform’s full power for our client’s reporting solution and started producing the desired results in a very short timespan. It empowered our client to kick off custom reporting for customers without further delays. Furthermore, they could achieve the go-to-market goals for their reporting solution faster than they had expected.

The result - they were able to deepen their relationships with their existing customers through highly customizable and flexible reports. They were also able to enhance their market reputation, which helped them to acquire new customers and maximize profits.


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