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How Does Your Own Offshore Team Increase Productivity?

Your offshore team can take advantage of the time zones and use the difference to your advantage and effectively offer 24*7*365 days of support or assistance for your products and services.

The spending on outsourced services globally has grown from US$45.6 billion in 2000 to US$85.6 billion in 2018. This can be attributed to low operational costs, a large range of skill sets, and getting work done in the quickest manner. While there are no signs of the numbers slowing down, firms are going for another alternative, and that is – your own offshore teams.

With offshore teams, you can hire your own teams to work for you in another country like India. These teams are your own resources that can help your business reach new heights with numerous benefits.

That said, let us take a look at some of the ways how having your own offshore team can increase productivity for your business:

Round-the-Clock Productivity - First things first, by setting up an offshore development center, you can be assured of round-the-clock productivity. This is due to the difference in time zones between various countries. Your offshore team can take advantage of and use the difference to their advantage and effectively offer 24*7*365 days of support or assistance for your products and services. For instance, you can set up small remote teams that will act as dedicated resources for the customers and offer them after-sales support at any given time of the day. These teams can work in shifts and will have the required skill sets to offer an enhanced customer experience that ups your game. Likewise, if you are a software firm, you can set up an offshore software development team that can help you with the testing activities. After the development team completes the development, the testing team working in another time zone can complete the testing and keep the bug report ready for the dev team the next day!

Increased Bandwidth at Reduced Cost – Increased bandwidth at slashed costs is one of the mainstays of any remote team. The cost of setting up offices and providing a state-of-the-art infrastructure is cheaper in countries in India. You can also get access to a qualified and suitable talent pool at a much lesser cost. Cumulatively, you can have your own team and increased bandwidth – at significantly lower costs.

Easy Scaling – When you think of scaling your business, you often think of opting for a strategy that is slated for low-risk. An offshore team helps you in mitigating several types of risks that a business can have. It helps keep your business within certain limits, offers you that much-required safety net. Ergo, it is easier to scale up and scale down your remote team without adding too much strain to your budgets. Think of it this way - you can have a micro team that including as less as one person who's an expert and scale to bigger teams with multiple contributors and experts bringing their experience to the table. You can do the same with your projects and get the tasks out of the way in an efficient manner.

Focus on Core Business Development – As the owner of a business, your immediate concern should be on your core business development. This includes having an outstanding strategy for business growth and expansion, along with team development. A reliable offshore engineering team will help you take care of several aspects of the tasks’ execution and project management, giving you ample time to focus on your business. You can dedicate more time to network and establish connections with companies to land more projects. Similarly, you can also utilize time in marketing the business or explore new horizons.

Excellent Resources – When you have the best resources in tow, you can be assured of getting work done in a hassle-free manner. Setting up an offshore team offers you the sure-shot advantage of hiring some of the most exceptionally talented people in any part of the world. These resources can include certified professionals who are adept in what they do and are self-starters. Since they will already be experienced and expert at their work, you needn't spend hours or the money to train them and get them working on any project right from day one.

Build A Successful Offshore Engineering Team That Stays in Action

These are some of the ways how having an offshore team will help increase productivity for your business. With your team in the forefront, you can embrace a new set of challenges that come with the projects and realize your vision. Additionally, up and coming modern-day technologies and better means of communication will also lead to enhanced productivity as you work with a globally dispersed workforce.

Ready to set up your own offshore team, let’s connect. We can make the whole experience hassle-free and quick for you.


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