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Hire an Offshore Team for These Specific Roles

The offshore team delivering Quality Analysis/Testing can help you cut down on costs about infrastructure, training, and technology. The cost of labor is significantly lower in countries such as India with high availability of resources.

There was a time when companies would set up their centers in countries like India for small roles that needed little to no intervention for driving business. Over the years, these roles have expanded to include responsibilities that span a majority of any business. Having offshore teams has now become a trending business model with several advantages, including cost reduction.

Today, businesses have started assigning more importance to the process and the results than merely to the cost of working with offshore teams. Nevertheless, offshore teams remain a viable and profitable business model for companies who can’t afford to hire or find the quality of talent locally.

Over the past 16 years, we have helped 100s of companies set up their offshore teams in India. We have seen the evolution happening. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend you set up an offshore team for the following specific roles -

Quality Analysis/Testing

An offshore team delivering Quality-as-a-service can help you cut down on costs about infrastructure, training, and technology. The cost of labor is significantly lower in countries such as India with high availability of resources who are well-versed with the challenges of QA and know how to jump through them.

Objective, comprehensive, and independent QA and testing services can help you focus on building your product quickly while another team of specialists guarantees its quality. Test automation can also be massive leverage for companies trying to accelerate their speed to market.

Database Management and Administration

In this information-oriented day and age where any business conversation is incomplete without the mention of Big Data, data handling is one of the core functions of an IT team. Since most databases are now operated through the web, an offshore team in India can help you trust them with this enormous responsibility.

Database management comprises of several operations that are needed daily to maintain the health of your data and use it to its full potential. A team of database experts, working remotely, makes sure that you can focus on what you do best while relying on their expertise for overseeing your data.

Network Administration

Rarely do companies need a full-time network admin. Since hiring a full-time person for this position might lead to a massive hole in your pocket, companies prefer to hire an offshore team in India and similar markets. Gartner suggests that companies spent primarily on two aspects of network administration - one, network security ($11.7 B in revenue), and two, access management ($4.7 B in revenue.)

An offshore network admin or a team can help you troubleshoot issues in your network, continuously monitor the network for its health, and plug security gaps. They respond to incidents promptly. Your offshore network admin team can define an access and authorization strategy for your employees to limit the risks of internal threats to your data and application security. You can then assure the health and availability of your network and its infrastructure.

Deployment and Support (ITIGS)

As a business move in full speed toward digital transformation, they need to move a lot of things internally. Organizations might need to upgrade legacy solutions, replace them, or eliminate them. These functions require businesses to look at the impact on the enterprise holistically caused as a result of these changes.

By setting up an offshore team for deployment and support, you can handover a major chunk of these responsibilities to a dedicated team. This team will then overlook aspects such as infrastructure security, deployment issues, network health, systems monitoring, and so on. Offshoring deployment and support can turn out to be a huge relief for businesses.

Technical Support

Having a dedicated offshore team for IT/technical support can help you retain complete control over your support help desk without the headache of outsourcing. In this regard, having an offshore team for this function brings with it several benefits, such as getting a team of support experts who are skilled in various aspects of technical support, imparting domain and product knowledge to them, and training them as per your specific requirements.

Maintaining high availability can be mission-critical for your business. An offshore engineering team managing the help desk can be your constant contact, working towards troubleshooting and fixing issues and helping you deliver a stellar customer experience.

Product Enhancement and Maintenance

Product businesses need to maintain customer loyalty and ensure their products run seamlessly, offering the best customer experience they can, consistently. To bring in these high-quality products, businesses can rely on an offshore team for product enhancement and maintenance.

The benefit of having an offshore team working on this has several benefits. While you get to enjoy transparency in operations, you get a versatile team available cost-effectively. The team can handle software enhancement and maintenance, including upgrades, bug fixes, and live support.

At Braves Technologies, we make offshore teams work for you. By wisely setting up offshore teams for selected functions, you can achieve high ROI on minimal investment and build highly productive teams that work together with you.

We work to recruit the right fit for your business and build your dedicated team so that you can leverage all the benefits of working in India and more. With the right talent pool, it’s possible.


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