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Grow Your Business Globally by setting up an Offshore Engineering Team in India

According to Forbes, you may find an incredible talent pool by expanding your workforce beyond geographical barriers. If you limit yourself to your location, you may face stiff competition from your peers, who are also looking forward to developing a highly talented engineering team.

Geographical independence is the future of startups in the US. With telecommuting at its peak along with other considerations like mortgages, security deposits, and infrastructural expenses, startups have a hard time meeting their business objectives. As a startup owner, you may even face problems with space and equipment, as well as narrowing down on a good location for your business. This apart, setting up a state-of-the-art infrastructure with high-speed network connectivity is integral, as all businesses require the internet to survive these days. 

One of the biggest challenges that every startup faces in their life is getting the right development team to work with them. You may not be in a position to hire a full-time working team at the beginning, which increases your dependence on part-time workers and freelancers. The telecommuting population may work according to their whims, making it more difficult for you to cope with them. 

So, when you’ve made up your mind to hire remote developers, why not set up a remote engineering team in some other country? 

What’s a remote development team, and why should you consider having one?

In the simplest words, remote development teams are groups of chosen professionals - quality assurance engineers, database engineers, deployment engineers, software development engineers, etc dispersed across different time zones with diverse sets of skills and cultural backgrounds, who work under a single brand name. 

The teammates work from different geographical locations in the world and are managed by highly efficient leaders, who are responsible for ensuring uniformity in the workflow. These teams maintain consistent communication with the main branch office through video conferencing and other advanced tools to ensure a constant flow of information. 

Most of the time, the startups set up remote engineering teams in developing countries to cut down the costs of investment, resources, and labor, which are quite high in the US. 

Taking the company beyond geographical barriers not only ensures less capital investment but also expands your engineering team globally, improves flexibility, and increases motivation. As you know, a motivated and happier workforce will generate more returns on your investment than the ones who are forcing themselves to adjust to a rigid schedule.

Why should you set up a remote development team in India?

Lower costs: You can ease your way up the success ladder by leveraging the engineering talent of people in countries like India, where the costs of resources are relatively lower. Once you set up an offshore development team there, you may end up building a diverse, as well as dynamic workforce round the clock.

Greater productivity: For a startup to be successful, time management is essential. With an offshore team based in India, you’ll be able to cover more working hours spreading across both the time zones, thus increasing the overall productivity by leaps and bounds. Further, you don’t have to exhaust your savings completely, as the offshore Indian workforce will cost you way less than the ones in the US.

Global recognition: You’ll also be able to create global recognition for your startup easily. Wondering how? Well, you’ll learn more about your global customers, understand their needs and preferences, interact with them through your remote Indian workforce, and maintain a constant connection with them for increased brand awareness.

Growing Business with Offshore Teams

Here are some of the ways you can grow your business globally by setting up an offshore engineering team in India

  • Set up customer success teams in India that will help you cater to the Asia Pacific and Europe regions

  • Set up a software development team in India that can work on applications and ensure faster time to market

  • Set up an IT operations team in India to offer 24 X 7 monitoring and technical support, database management, and management of software applications and devices

Does it sound convincing enough? Let’s now tell you how you can set up a remote team in India. 

How to set up an offshore engineering team in India? 

While setting up an offshore engineering team in India, you have to keep certain things in mind as follows:

  • Hire a talented workforce - You’ve to find and select only those people, who can work according to your business standards. While it may be difficult to pick them from hundreds of potential candidates, this is the first step towards creating a competitive global workforce, so you should be very careful. You might want to start small with 1-2 engineers, see how it goes for you, and then expand the team. India is a hotbed of technology and marketing talent. All you need is expertise to find the right talent that is culturally fit to work with you.

  • Hire leaders to manage your offshore team - If you only hire the workers and no leaders, the entire thing will be a chaos. You’ve to select experienced leaders who are capable of managing your team, as well as be the middleman between you and them. 

  • Build a dedicated offshore development center - You already have one? No worries then! But if you don’t, you’ve to arrange for a local, rented space to keep all your employees under a single roof. You can also offer them telecommuting facilities, but in that case, you’ve to maintain strong communication with each of them, which can be quite a hassle. 

  • Offer a smooth onboarding experience - You’ve to make sure your employees feel that they are a part of your company, no matter what their geographical location is. For that, you need to give them a smooth onboarding experience and provide them with the necessary motivation. 

  • Meet the infrastructural requirements - You have to meet the infrastructural requirements of your offshore workforce like supplying them with the right set of equipment, tools, and technologies from time to time, providing maximum support to them to increase their productivity and keep them motivated. 

Yes, we know that it’s quite difficult to handle such things single-handedly, and that’s where we come in. 

At Braves Technologies, we have 16 years of experience in building offshore development teams for 100+ companies in the US. From hiring exceptional talents for your remote team to supporting them with high-end technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, we are here to give you a hand in everything. 

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us to leverage the benefits of creating a remote team in India. 


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