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Explained:How Braves will help you set up your Gaming Studio in India

Planning to start your operations in India? That’s great! The market and stats are on your side and we’d say- go for it! But starting a gaming studio in a completely new country can seem like a daunting task. Which is why we are here to help.

From the past 15 years, Braves has been helping US-based companies to set up their development team in India, reduce costs and grow exponentially. Here’s how it works -

1. We understand your goals: Both short term and long term. We comprehend your expectations of the company, the new candidates, and the overall intent of setting up this new gaming  studio. We strongly stand for making this journey smooth and hassle-free for you and believe that the only way to achieve that is by aligning ourselves with your goals.

Based on your requirements, you can start with a small team of two or just one. We offer complete flexibility and the freedom for you to scale as needed. 

2. Seek the right candidates for you: Once we are clear on your goals, requirements and expectations, we will start looking for candidates that best match your demands. Our talent acquisition team will handpick the right prospects for you from a talent pool of 50k+ engineers. After passing a stringent internal tech check, we will then forward the shortlisted profiles to you.

3. You choose your team: In the end, you get the say. You can interview the shortlisted candidates and choose the ones that you feel cater to your requirements the best. We promise no interference throughout this process.

We do not charge any initial set up or subscription fee either. 

We will invoice an hourly rate for the selected candidate ( which includes: Candidate’s salary + Infrastructure cost + Braves charges towards recruitment and operation management).

4. Onboarding and handover: Once you finalize on your new team member(s), we will set them up in Pune’s best commercial properties. Comfortable seating layout will be carved as per your needs and the office spaces can be scaled as your team grows. To make sure that there are no connectivity issues, we will equip all your team member(s) with an appropriately configured laptop and high-speed internet.

5. Maintain constant communication: To make sure that all the operations run smoothly, we will also assign an exclusive Point-Of-Contact between you and your team in India. The POC will handle all your concerns, make quality checks, and ensure that your team here is in complete alignment with the company, its members and culture. 

Feedbacks on the recruited candidates will be taken every once a quarter. Candidates that do not meet your expectations will be immediately replaced.

6. Team management: Braves will take care of all the operational needs of your team and the POC will be answerable to all your concerns, while you and your team can give your 100% at work. You can choose to be in direct touch with your offshore team and collaborate with them on a regular basis.

7. Growing and scaling: India is a promising gaming market. With the right strategy, we are sure that soon, you’d be planning for increasing your team size in India. In that event, we promise full collaboration and support. We’d be equally excited to see you grow and up your game!

The Indian gaming market is full of potential.

You can tap into the heart of it by relying on our expertise in setting quality offshore teams in India. Contact us now.


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