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Energy Tech - Automated software license provisioning and warehousing with an offshore team

Our client is a U.S.-based Fortune 500 company having a global presence. Under the oil, gas, energy, & power segments, they offer a broad spectrum of fully-integrated products, solutions, & services.

Our client had developed a custom software product for their customers. Their license provisioning system for this product was quite tedious and time-consuming. Thus, they wanted to build a fully automated licensing tool that would make it quick, efficient, and secure.

Secondly, they managed their warehousing for production & engineering needs through MS Excel. Thus, it involved making several entries at each step, from placing orders to the handover of required material. Automating the order management system was another crucial requirement they had.

One of the stakeholders at our client company had worked with Braves. He was happy about the outcomes achieved by partnering with us for his previous organization. Thus, he recommended building an offshore development team with Braves.


A critical requirement of our client was building a team that could begin operations as quickly as possible. We sourced candidates with the right skillsets, and our client had the flexibility to choose candidates they thought were an excellent cultural fit.

Within a month, we built a small remote team in India that would function independently and serve as a seamless extension of our client’s onshore team.

With this remote offshore team, our client began operations in India. The team was quick to understand our client’s exact business requirements. They were able to automate our client’s license provisioning tool successfully. Furthermore, they also developed an order management tool that took care of their warehousing needs.

The result - With a fully automated tool, license provisioning became smooth, which added value to their customers. This was an essential aspect of boosting their brand reputation. Furthermore, with a highly customized order management tool, they could achieve smooth warehouse operations. This made their internal processes fast & efficient, further accelerating delivery cycles.

Our client was happy with the outcomes. Thus, within a couple of years, they requested full ownership of this team.

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