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OTA - A Program offered by Braves Technologies


Offshore to Australia 

Why should an Australian corporation consider bringing Talent from Offshore (India) on a TSS visa (Work Permit).

As the name says it all, TSS - Temporary Skill Shortage Visa enables employers to address labour shortages by hiring skilled workers where they cannot find an appropriately qualified Australian. TSS visa holders can work in Australia in their nominated occupation and may have a pathway to permanent residency. 

Benefits of hiring talent on TSS visa ( 3 most significant points)

Overcome Shortage of Tech Talent


Control cost, as offshore Talent comes at a relatively low cost


Its easier to retain Talent dependent on Visa and looking for a path to permanent residency.

What we offer


Direct Hire

Braves will provide Talent as per your demand and work as a liaison between the Client and the Talent. We will do the following:

Source Candidates as per the requirement who are qualified to relocate to Australia. 
Setup interviews with the Technical Panel and Leadership.
Validate based on required technical proficiency, cultural fitment, and other parameters that will not hinder obtaining the TSS visa.
Mediate the salary, explain benefits and answer all questions on the Client’s behalf.
Work through the candidate’s notice period, Visa application, and Relocation process.


OTA ( Offshore to Australia)

This program allows the Company to build a talent pool in India that will start working for them before a TSS visa is initiated. This duration can vary from 3-6 months. We will do all the above in Direct Hire plus:

Employee the Talent in India before being transferred to Australia with the Client.
Provide and maintain payroll, insurance, and other benefits on behalf of the Client.
Supply Laptop and other infrastructure as required. The candidate carries these assets to Australia on relocation.
Make travel arrangements for the candidate once the Visa is approved. 

Why Braves

Our experience comes from successfully delivering 400+ engineers to various client in US. We have recently worked with multiple Australian clients facing a talent shortage during and post-Covid. Our strength is in identifying quality candidates with the experience of working with companies in Australia and the US.

Recruitment Experts.png
Recruitment Experts

With 15+ years of experience in recruiting high quality talent, we know the secret ingredients needed to build a team of high performers. 

Fully Managed  Operations.png
Fully Managed Operations

Braves handles payroll, compliances, administration and infrastructure so that you don’t need to fret over any operational issues. 

High Retention.png
Hire Retention

Our people driven policies and best in class compensation structure keeps top talent engaged and has helped our customers attain 90% retention rates.

Ready to get the best offshore tech talent!
Our Clients
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Throughout my career, I have worked with many consulting companies but none of them recognized my needs as well as Braves. I am now in my eighth year of relationship and I have yet to work with a Braves resource that I was unhappy with.

John Locascio

VP, Infrastructure and Technology Solution, Clever Devices

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