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Accelerate Your Growth With A Development Team In India

Build Your A-Team: start with 5+ engineers and grow big

Top Indian Tech Talent: hire world-class tech expertise from India.

Proven Team Approach: we help source, build, manage tech teams seamlessly.

Indian Brilliance, Global Impact

India has nearly 27,000 active tech startups and 5.1 million IT professionals, making it a largest tech talent hub. Dive into this top-notch tech talent pool to build your A-team.

Run a 24/7 Project Development Cycle

With approx. 10-12 hours of time difference between US & India, you can achieve continuos development cycle easily. You can adopt follow-the-sun model for customer support too.

Culturally Diverse, Linguistically Compatible

English proficiency in India is 2nd highest globally, and enables you to tap into a culturally diverse talent pool, enriching your projects and perspectives.


Tried and Tested Methodology from Braves

Recruitment Experts.png


With 20+ years of experience in recruiting high quality talent, we know the secret ingredients needed to build a team of high performers. 

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Our people driven policies and best in class compensation structure keeps top talent engaged and has helped our customers attain 85% retention rates.

Cultural Alignement.png


Having recruited and managed teams across US and India, We understand the cultural nuances and alignment needed for a distributed team to succeed.

Small Teams.png


Braves encourage companies to start with a small team of 2 to 5 engineers to establish trust and collaboration and lay the ground for scaling.

Fully Managed Operations.png

Fully Managed

Braves handles payroll, compliances, administration and infrastructure so that you don’t need to fret over any operational issues.

Account Management.png


Our account managers help in smooth running of your team by facilitating feedbacks, resolving roadblocks and doing frequent check-in with you to ensure optimum collaboration.

We Build Your Team

With our proven recruitment approach, we always assemble teams that outperform and work to accelerate your company’s growth...

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We build your team.jpg

We Manage Your Team

A combination of people driven policies, world-class infrastructure and top salaries helps in talent retention and building long living teams...

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Throughout my career, I have worked with many consulting companies but none of them recognized my needs as well as Braves. I am now in my eighth year of relationship and I have yet to work with a Braves resource that I was unhappy with.

John Locascio

VP, Infrastructure and Technology Solution, Clever Devices

Are you ready to build your team in India?

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