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Landing up the best-fit candidate faster: Hiring Strategy for Startups

For a startup team, 1+1 ≠ 2; but 1+1 = 11

The synergy a startup team creates is the quintessential factor contributing to the success of a startup. But often, lack of time becomes the major hurdle to build a capable team. Startups cannot afford the leisure time to find the right candidates! And, amidst the persistent talent crunch and affordability issues, the likelihood of finding the best-fit candidate is quite less.

Impact of long hiring cycles

  • Detrimental to the speed of product development; wastage of the runway for startups

  • Increases time-to-market, which can also lead to mistimed launch of product

  • Over-expectations and undue pressure on other employees

  • The quality might get hampered with insufficient employee strength

Time is one factor that cannot be overlooked by startups, especially while hiring candidates. They need to understand that the perfect candidate might not exist within their limits.

Waiting too long to hire top talent is not worth it, as top-notch talent will not be available for very long in the job market! Eventually, you will be left with ‘not wanted’ options (compromised talent).

Entrepreneurs need to think out-of-box and break their limits to access the right talent!


So, how can startups end this tug-of-war for the right talent, what is the right hiring strategy?

There are two ways that we have found and worked best over the years!

1. Pull vs Push hiring strategy!

Organizations publish their job vacancies across the job portals, social media handles, and other media. It ends up attracting a lot of candidates seeking jobs, also increasing the time to hire.

The push strategy brings in heaps of applications, desired and undesired both, which makes screening a difficult job.

It proportionately increases the number of tests, technical interviews, and HR interviews, adding up to the complexity of the hiring process.

Still, it doesn’t ensure that recruiters will find the right people!

How does pull strategy work?

Pull strategy is recruiters reaching out to candidates instead of candidates reaching out to them. Recruiters find the websites or social media platforms that portray the talent such as Behance, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. They scan through different profiles and work shared on these portals. This helps to understand the potency of a candidate for the job vacancy.

The Pull strategy reduces the hiring process by at least four-folds. Once recruiters have sufficient potential profiles, they can contact the candidates, and shortlist the interested ones. This saves time to screen and interview unsuitable candidates.


2. Searching beyond the geographical boundaries

A perfect candidate might not even exist within your limits! Hence, to increase your chances to find the right candidate, you must widen the location criteria for candidates.

The remote location of employees or productivity need not be the topic of concern, with almost 80-90% of tech jobs done remotely during the pandemic. The ‘New Normal’ is already the norm.

Expanding your search over different locations ensures that you have access to a huge pool of talent.

There is always a chance you might find the right candidate at a much lower cost than your region. Also, a distributed team in different timezones can help to increase the work hours, boosting productivity further.



Startups need the right candidates to build a strong foundation. High-quality talent unavailability and lack of funds are two main reasons that slow down the hiring process and duration for startups. Thus, to overcome this challenge, startups must themselves reach out to proficient candidates despite their locations. Only then, the chances of landing up the right candidate in a time-bound manner will increase manifolds!


About Braves can help?

Braves helps global technology companies incubate their dedicated offshore development teams in India. The team in India is an extension of the onshore team and works collaboratively to achieve their goals.

With 17+ years of experience in technology recruitment in the US and India, we know how to build a team of high performers. Our fully managed operations model along with people-driven policies has helped clients scale their teams with a high employee retention rate of 85%.

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