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Build your offshore
software development
dream team with Braves 


With our offshore IT outsourcing services, you can focus on productivity and deliverables rather than building and managing your offshore team.

We build productive remote engineering teams with our offshore outsourcing services!
Managed Operations for seamless and hassle-free collaboration between offshore and onshore team
We provide best-in-class infrastructure

Be it their working space or the tools they require to make things happen, we leave no stone unturned in helping your team give their best possible output.


We conduct regular team-building exercises- both indoor and outdoor, monthly one-on-ones and other activities (like celebrating festivals and major holidays) to create a conducive work environment for your team.

We have vibrant office culture
​Good work is always recognized 

In order to hire and retain top talent, we offer a 20%-25% higher salary than the market. Our engagement model is completely transparent and we also offer best in industry appraisals based on the performance of the candidate.


We take care of everyday hassles like legal formalities and processing of payrolls for you (yes, we have got all the boring stuff covered).

​Compliance and

We take care of all the activities required to maintain and support your team. These activities include onboarding, addressing daily requirements, payroll, and all other HR activities.

Operation and Human Resource

By following an outcome-based approach, we push individuals and teams here to become extraordinarily efficient and adaptable - improving their productivity and giving space to not just showcase but enhance their skills.

Outcome-based environment

We believe that appreciation and timely rewards go a long way in boosting individual performances and team morale. This is why we have policies like spot-on bonus and upskill bonus in place to recognize and reward the work.

​Rewards and bonuses

To promote collaboration, we arrange a yearly business trip for your offshore team members where they visit you and your team in the USA/Europe.

​Business travel

Accelerate your growth with us!

Collaborate with Braves and accelerate your project deliverables with our unique offshore outsourcing solutions. We don’t just stop at building you an awesome team in India - We ensure efficient management of your offshore team. 


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Ready to extend your remote engineering team?

Unlike other offshore outsourcing services, Braves has a unique model to support the business goals of SMEs and startups. With the focus on deliverables and tasks, Braves model ensures that you have complete control over your offshore team without any mid-management interference. 

That is why we call it a natural extension of your onsite team, a Remote Team, and not an offshore team in India!

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