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In any organization the system administrator knows that the variability in end users' desktop results in increased maintenance cost. Packaging/Repackaging applications help eliminate issues through customizing an installation so that it behaves in a consistent manner adhering to the company's standards for mass deployment.

Braves Technologies solutions for application packaging help enterprises manage the ever growing volumes of applications efficiently and reduce the cost associated with application management.

We have the expertise in helping organizations in application packaging/repackaging, compatibility testing and validation. We support migrations, compliance obligations, rollouts and upgrades across a wide spectrum of applications. And our solutions address the specific needs of IT managers to define and develop a process for repackaging to suit the needs of their organization.

Why use MSI?
Traditional or legacy software installations in the past were developed in a variety of ways. Setup developers designed their install programs to concentrate on their own products which often impacted on programs that were already installed on the PC.

With legacy installations in the past, there might be two applications using the same file, but one might be designed to run on an older version. This led to “DLL hell” where the installation of one application would cause other applications to stop working.

Inevitably the process of ‘rolling back’ or uninstalling the problem program resulted in system down time and - in more sever cases - having to rebuild the PC completely and reinstall all your software.

Several years ago Microsoft set out to address these and other issues. One of the emerging solutions was the development of Windows taller technologies.

What is Windows Installer?
The Windows taller allows the efficient installation and configuration of applications. The installer can also provide your installations with new capabilities not previously available with legacy installations. Some of the many added capabilities are:

  • Advertise Applications without installing them until required

  • Self-repair an application if corruption occurs

  • Upgrade applications quickly and more effectively

  • Better management of shared resources

  • Customize your software installations to your organizations requirements

By utilizing these added capabilities and efficiencies your organization can expect to achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

What is MSI?
An .msi is an installation package containing all the information that Windows taller needs to install or uninstall an application. The information usually stored in an .msi file would be the applications files, shortcuts, registry keys, security enhancements etc.

Where do I get Windows Installer?
The chances are that you already have the capabilities to use Windows taller packages already. The technology is available for Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 family, Windows Windows 2000, and Windows Me. It’s also provided as a service pack to Windows NT sion 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows 95.

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